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Winter Air Care

by Elyse Umlauf


Winter Air Care

Maintaining indoor air quality is important to your health all year. But when your home is sealed up to keep out the cold during winter, IAQ can really suffer.

Here are three ways to improve IAQ this winter.

  1. Combustion appliances. Appliances like space heaters, wood stoves, and fireplaces that aren’t properly installed, maintained, and ventilated can be dangerous and create indoor pollutants. Understand the manufacturer’s instructions or call a professional for a check-up before using these items.
  2. Humidity.  Dust mites and mold thrive in moist conditions. If you’re using a humidifier, keep an eye on humidity and aim for levels of 30 to 50 percent.
  3. Fragrances. A pine aroma seems fresh and festive, but avoid scented candles, air fresheners, moth repellents, and other synthetic fragrances. They often emit toxic chemicals that compromise air quality. 

For more information about indoor air quality, head to the EPA's Indoor Air Plus program for a list of risk factors and solutions.


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